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Wall Carpet

Wall Carpet is used for noise control and flame retardancy and is available in a myriad of colors:


Colors available: Beech, Pumice, Saddlewood, Hazelnut, Expresso, Honey, Almond, Burlap, Spearmint, Forest, Bluegrass, Tarragon, Sage, Tea Leaf, Stormy, Evening Shadows, Oasis, Eclipse, Flint, Onyx, Ocean, Patriot, Provence, Indigo, Zinfandel, Cajun, Spice, Royal Red, Merlot, Plum, Mineral.

These styles are versatile needlebond products engineered for wall covering application. The rib-textured products composed of UV stabilized polypropylene fiber offers a clean classic look in a variety of colors. They are perfect products for a multitude of institutional, commercial, healthcare and hospitality applications. It is designed for sound control of offices, classrooms, band/coral rooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, hallways and conference rooms, etc.

  • No match
  • Seamless finish
  • Classic rib
  • All colors in EXECUWALL
  • Flame Resistant - passes ASTM E-84 and NFPA-265; USC 8-2

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